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MESSAGE #5: 14 September 2021

StEER has released its PVRR for the M7.2 Nippes, Haiti Earthquake that occurred on 14 August 2021:


Kijewski-Correa, T., Alhawamdeh, B., Arteta, C., Djima, W., Do, T., García Mejía, S., Gartner, M., Gunay, S., Hassan, W., Javadinasab Hormozabad, S., Marinković, M., Martin, A., Merino-Peña, Y., Pajaro, C., Romão, X., Burlotos, C., M. Mosalam, K., Robertson, I., Rogers, J., Taflanidis, A. (2021) "StEER: M7.2 Nippes, Haiti Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report (PVRR)," in StEER - 14 August 2021, M7.2 Nippes Earthquake, Haiti. DesignSafe-CI. 


As DesignSafe is in scheduled maintenance this week, please use this temporary URL to access the PVRR: 


The PVRR highlights five topics warranting further study following this earthquake:

  • TOPIC 1: Performance of Post-2010 and Post-2016 Construction

  • TOPIC 2: Performance of Confined Masonry Systems 

  • TOPIC 3: Performance of Vernacular Architecture 

  • TOPIC 4: Locally Viable, Affordable and Safe Construction Solutions

  • TOPIC 5: Rapid Assessment Capabilities in Data-Sparse Environments


In response, StEER has escalated this event to a Tier 3 response with Field Assessment Structural Teams in support of Topic 5, employing a new hybrid model that couples local non-expert data collectors with virtual engineers remotely viewing their records and completing the performance assessment. StEER is continuing to enlist engineers to participate in this hybrid-response model; members wishing to support this effort can enlist here. The dedicated page for this response ( includes a map of records collected to date and additional resources for virtual assessors. 

Virtual assessors will also have the opportunity to contribute to the Early Access Reconnaissance Report (EARR), which will be issued based on the collected field data. This EARR will be developed as a joint effort between StEER and the UK’s Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT), who has kindly enlisted it’s members to support this virtual assessment effort.

MESSAGE #4: 29 August 2021

With aftershocks continuing to damage buildings across the Tiburon Peninsula, StEER continues to lead remote assessments in Sud Department. A scout is completing assessments of Grand'Anse Department (Jeremie). Geohazards International has increased its team in Nippes and their data is coming into a common platform located on our response page. This week Sud Team will conclude its work in Les Cayes and move to heavily affected communities to the West (as far out as Les Anglais) and to the East, near the epicenter (as far west as St. Louis de Sud). We are also beginning the remote assessment of the collected records by engineers. To learn more or to virtually support this effort, visit our Event Response Page: 

MESSAGE #3: 16 August 2021

  • Resources page has been created and will be updated frequently. This includes information on the Fulcrum App (training) as well as access to the collected data.

MESSAGE #2: 16 August 2021


  • StEER has created a rapid assessment Fulcrum Application for this earthquake response. 

  • This custom app is bilingual (in Creole and English) 

  • It prioritizes/adds structural systems common to Haiti, e.g., confined masonry and wattle and daub, wood-framed and infilled with stone (clissage). 

  • Please note the translation was quick and many engineering terms do not easily translate to Creole. We appreciate your grace with any errors.

  • More importantly first screen enables non-engineers to self-report basic information and geotagged images so remaining fields can be remotely completed by engineers.

  • All StEER members have access to the app already; login to to access via desktop. The app is called: StEER Rapid Response (M7.2 Haiti EQ - Aug 2021). Refreshing the Fulcrum app on your phone (sync) will also give you access on your mobile.  

  • If you know of non-StEER members who need to be added to this app for data collection in Haiti, please send them to our event site:

  • We are also spun up a dedicated public-facing map that will display all of this data in real time (as connectivity allows). That map can be shared with stakeholders in your networks including NGO and Govt stakeholders. See

  • We are mobilizing this app in affected communities to facilitate self-reporting and sharing with other organizations like Geohazards International. Instructions on setting up and using the app are available in English and Creole at

  • If you would like to assist in reviewing community-reported entries in Fulcrum to complete the damage assessment and typology classification, please complete this form. We will provide some primers on Haitian construction to assist you in interpreting typologies and practices there.

MESSAGE #1: 14 August 2021

A M7.2 Earthquake has struck Haiti's Sud Department, affecting a number of areas still recovering from 2016's Hurricane Matthew.  StEER's local contacts are reporting heavy damage and likely significant casualties across the Sud Department and Nippes Department, including major cities like Les Cayes. Heavy damage is also reported in Jeremie. StEER members are sharing information on #steer channel in Slack.


Due to the instability with the assassination of the President and gang activity in Martissant blocking vehicular passage between Port au Prince and the affected areas, a FAST will not be activated for this event. However,  StEER has created a private channel for those wishing to formally join the VAST to author a PVRR for this event. Please Direct Message Tracy Kijewski-Correa (@tkijewsk) to be added to this channel and contribute to the effort.


Please continue to monitor the #steer channel for further updates.