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Sep 25, 2020

StEER Product Release

StEER Releases Event Briefing for Hurricane Sally

StEER has released its Event Briefing for Hurricane Sally. The briefing is accessible at with official citation and DOI from DesignSafe as follows:

Cleary, J. Lester, H. Marshall, J. Roueche, D. Smallegan, S. Afanasyeva, I. DJIMA, W. Golovichev, D. Kijewski-Correa, T. Lafontaine, O. Strader, S. Prevatt, D. (2020) "Event Briefing", in StEER - Hurricane Sally. DesignSafe-CI.

This is a unique Event Briefing in that it includes a summary of direct field observations: While StEER did not formally activate a Field Assessment Structural Team (FAST) for this event, a number of StEER members residing in the affected area intended to assess damage in their home state. StEER helped to support their efforts by unifying assessments of this team in its Fulcrum platform and activated a small VAST to compile information on the hurricane and its impacts for this Event Briefing.

Date of Product Release:
September 24, 2020
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