StEER Deploys for Nashville Tornadoes

StEER has released its Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report (PVRR) for the December March 3 2020 Tornadoes in Nashville, TN. The report is accessible at while the official DOI is forthcoming from DesignSafe.

StEER will be deploying a Field Assessment Structural Team (FAST-1) to document the impacts of these tornadoes in the Nashville Area the week of March 9 (with primary data collection activities March 9-11). FAST-1 will be led by Ricky Wood of University of Nebraska, Lincoln and will include a blend of academics and practitioners:

  • Keith Cullum, Simpson Strong Tie

  • Mariant Gutierrez Soto, University of Kentucky

  • Mohammad Moravej, Walker Consultants

  • Stephanie Pilkington, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

The team will be working closely with complementary projects focused on tornado impacts. Exchange of data between FAST-1 and these complementary efforts will significantly deepen our collective learning from this event. The StEER Associate Directors/Members leading these complementary efforts and contributing to FAST-1 are:

  • David Roueche, Auburn University

  • David Prevatt, University of Florida

  • Frank Lombardo, UIUC

The team’s Primary Objective is to document the performance of several affected typologies including residential construction (single and multi-family), schools (including refuge areas if present), commercial buildings (including metal building systems used in airports, industrial zones, and tilt-up wall construction) using a blend of door to door damage assessments, unmanned aerial surveys, Applied StreetView imagery and LiDAR (for select structures).

Please continue to monitor relevant Slack channels #steer and #nashvilletornado-3-3-2020 for updates on these efforts.

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