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StEER Participates in International Mission to Survey Impacts of Palu Earthquake & Tsunami

From October 27-31, StEER Associate Director Ian Robertson participated on an international research team to survey the damage due to the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia. The mission was organized by Professors Shibayama and Esteban of Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and received significant logistical and planning assistance from Hendra Achiari, a lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The team organized into four sub-teams with members, affiliation and subteam assignments as follows:

  • Tomoya Shibayama, Waseda University: Team Leader & Tsunami Inundation Survey

  • Miguel Esteban, Waseda University: Bathymetry Survey

  • Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii: Structural Damage Survey

  • Takahito Mikami, Tokyo City University: Tsunami Inundation Survey

  • Tomoyuki Takabatake, Waseda University: Tsunami Inundation Survey

  • Ryota Nakamura, Toyohashi University of Technology: Aerial Survey

  • Yuta Nishida, Waseda University: Aerial Survey

  • Jacob Stolle, University of Ottawa: Structural Damage Survey

  • Clemens Krautwald, Technical University of Braunschweig: Structural Damage Survey

  • Hendra Achiari, Bandung Institute of Technology: Logistical Coordination

  • Abdul Gafur Marzuki, State Institute for Islamic Studies Palu: Logistical Assistance

  • Muhamad Fadel Hidayat Marzuki, Bandung Institute of Technology: Logistical Assistance

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