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Sep 24, 2018

General Press Release

StEER FAT-2 Deploys for Hurricane Florence

From September 25-27, a five-person Field Assessment Team will conduct assessments in and around Sanders Point, Salt Shores Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina to assess the impacts of Hurricane Florence. The mission was conducted in collaboration with the NHERI RAPID Equipment site, which brought AppliedStreetView camera and unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities to the team. Team members include:

  • Daniel Smith, University of Florida/James Cook University

  • Andre Barbosa, Oregon State University

  • Christine Wittich, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Jake Dafni, University of Washington (RAPID EF) J. Sean Yeung, University of Washington (RAPID EF)

Please follow the hurricane-florence channel on Slack for more details.

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