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Training Opportunities and Resources


Upcoming Webinars

WHEN: Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 1 pm Central 

WHAT:  Learning from Hurricane Michael

WHO: Open to the public, hosted by DesignSafe 

HOW: Register Here

Compilation of StEER webinars & webinars hosted by other partners.

Webinars & Training Videos

FAST Webinar 08.27.19.png


Aug. 27, 2019

Field Assessment Structural Team (FAST) Webinar

  • Introduction to FASTs in hurricane event responses

StEER-DesignSafe Webinar (1).png


Nov. 11, 2020

Best Practices to Enhance the Quality, Discoverability and Re-Use Potential for Post-Event Reconnaissance Reconnaissance Data   

  • Best practices for collecting & documenting recon. data

  • Engaging the Field Research Data Model

VAST Webinar 08.29.19.png


Aug. 29, 2019

Virtual Assessment Structural Team (VAST) Webinar (Aug. 29, 2019)

  • Introduction to StEER Virtual Assessment Structural Teams (VASTs) in hurricane event responses 

Converge Webinar .png


Oct. 23, 2020

Coordinating After Natural Hazard Events to Document the Performance of the Built Environment: The Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) Network

  • StEER’s event response workflow and member engagement models 

  • StEER data standards and mission configurations 

Members, please see your private StEER Members Shared Drive for these and other resources.

Primary Resources

Member Guidelines

Polices governing member participation in StEER.

DEQC Handbook: Earthquakes

Guidelines for data enrichment and quality control (earthquake).

Mobile App Suite

Access using user name and password at Fulcrum. 

Report Preparation Handbook

Standards for authorship of StEER event briefings, reports.

DEQC Handbook: Windstorms

Guidelines for data enrichment and quality control (wind).

Product Curation Handbook

Guidelines to curate StEER products in DesignSafe.

FAST Handbook

Guidance for FAST participation in field responses.

Other Resources

A number of partners are making additional training and resources available that can benefit our members. CONVERGE is releasing supplemental training on socio-cultural, ethical and interdisciplinary dimensions of disaster research. The release of these educational modules (which require registration in the CONVERGE platform, see link below) are accompanied by webinars (see links below to access recording). As these become available, StEER will link these resources here along with guidance: 

  • Required: this training module should be completed by all StEER members

  • Recommended: this training module will broaden understanding of disaster context and impacts and is thus recommended to all StEER members

  • Suggested: while this training module may not be immediately relevant to StEER members, it is suggested for informational purposes only

Additionally CONVERGE is assembling other education and training resources for interdisciplinary work, including checklists to prepare for field data collection and other disaster science research. 

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