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Jul 11, 2023

StEER Product Release

StEER Releases 21-22 March Tornado Outbreak Dataset

Observing damage and documenting the successful performance of buildings and other structures. Classes include residential, commercial, and power infrastructure. Methodologies include detailed damage assessments in Fulcrum, deployment of UAS for high-resolution aerial imagery, and deployment of surface-level panoramic imaging devices. Hazard indicators were also captured.

Gutierrez Soto, M., T. Do, S. Kameshwar, D. Allen, F. Lombardo, D. Roueche, G. Demaree, G. Escoto Rodriguez, D. LaDue, A. Palacio-Betancur, A. Safiey, G. Chen, J. Nakayama, D. Roegner, T. Kijewski-Correa, M. Aldridge, H. Bartels, A. Golson, F. Harris, J. Holt, C. Stevens, (2023) "21-22 March 2022 Tornado Outbreak Field Assessment Structural Team Dataset", in StEER - 21-22 March 2022 Tornado Outbreak. DesignSafe-CI. v1

Date of Product Release:
July 6, 2023
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