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Nov 17, 2022

StEER Product Release

StEER Releases PVRR for 28 September 2022, Hurricane Ian


StEER has released a PVRR for Hurricane Ian:

Cortes, M. Arora, P. Ceferino, L. Ibrahim, H. Istrati, D. Reed, D. Roueche, D. Safiey, A. Tomiczek, T. Zisis, I. Alam, M. Kijewski-Correa, T. Prevatt, D. Robertson, I. (2022) "StEER: Hurricane Ian Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report (PVRR)", in StEER - Hurricane Ian. DesignSafe-CI. v1

Based on the findings of this report, StEER has elevated to a Level 3 Response and mobilized Field Assessment Structural Teams (FAST). Please see the last section of this report for the scope of this effort and additional details on the rationale for this decision.

Those who have not yet registered their interest in participating on Field Assessment Structural Teams (FAST) are encouraged to complete this form as soon as possible. FAST members will be added to a private slack channel to coordinate logistics. Please monitor the #steer channel on slack for further updates.

A dedicated response page has been created at and will continue to be updated with resources for this event. This response page includes the Pre-Deployment Briefing, with details on team configuration, geographic coverage, and phasing of the response.

This report has highlighted a number of topics worthy of further research and proposal development. A summary of these recommendations, also included in the PVRR, are attached here, noting opportunities for re-use of StEER data.

As always, we appreciate your collaboration in helping to Build Resilience through Reconnaissance. Please direct additional queries to

Date of Product Release:
November 16, 2022
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