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Duzce, Turkey

November 24, 2022

Heading 1



Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake

LEVEL 1 activated on:

November 24, 2022

LEVEL 2 activated on:

Not Activated

LEVEL 3 activated on:

Not Activated





November 23, 2022


Duzce, Turkey

Event responses begin at Level 1 (Virtual Data Gathering) and may escalate to Level 2 (Rapid Field Assessment) and Level 3 (Detailed Field Assessment). 

The dashboard below provides access to assets used in support of this event response. Assets in Grey are not yet available; Assets in Red are active and available for review/use.

Description of Standard Assets:

  1. Registration form to participate on FAST or VAST.

  2. Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report (PVRR) summarizes data collected virtually in Level 1 response.

  3. Media Repository compiles visual evidence of built environment impacts to inform PVRR.

  4. Pre-Deployment Briefing summarizes response objectives, team configuration, data collection platforms and chronology of response for Level 2+ responses.

  5. Daily Summaries recap key findings of data collection efforts in the field.

  6. Early Access Reconnaissance Report (EARR) summarizes data collected through rapid field assessments in Level 2 response.

  7. Platform housing street-level panoramic imaging collected by StEER which may be on Mapillary or a custom viewer.*

  8. Complication of Deployed Assets is a map of all the deployed equipment, sensors and instruments by other field teams or agencies.

  9. Fulcrum platform houses performance assessments conducted by StEER for individual structures.*

  10. HazMapper is an interactive map-based visualization of StEER data collected across multiple platforms.

  11. Curated dataset on DesignSafe is permanent archive of data collected by StEER.

  12. Other Documents houses Data Papers for Level 3 responses, as well as Event Briefings for legacy responses.

​*This data is streaming live and and may not yet be quality controlled. These and other assets listed below are not intended for use in tagging or other commercial applications. 

Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake
Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake

Access Daily Summaries


Access Performance Assessments in Fulcrum

Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake
Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake

Access Early Access Reconnaissance Report


Access HazMapper Visualization of StEER Data

Mw 6.1 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake